Matched Betting to make extra cash

Matched betting is one of the easiest ways to make extra money online. It works by using a method of betting that eliminates the risk. Sounds impossible but it is actually quite easy. You lay all your bets off at the betting exchange in order to qualify for free bets with no risk. You then use your free bet to lock in a profit.  has a lot more information on the subject. In particular check out this page.

OddsMonkey teach you everything you need to know about matched betting. Starting right at the beginning, how to sign up to bookmakers, how to place your first bet and then of course how to lay those bets off at Betfair or a similar exchange.

They also have all the calculators and software you will ever need to make it even easier to make a profit. For beginners OddsMonkey is absolutely essential. There is a membership fee but it is worth every penny. They will teach you how to make a lot of money every month. It is legitimately a second income.

What’s more, all your winnings are completely tax free. So even though you are removing the risk, any money you make it classed as gambling winnings and therefore tax free!

It’s easy to get started. Just sign up for a free trial at OddsMonkey and learn how to make around £50 straight away. Then sign up for a premium account to learn how to keep making money every single day.

Once inside premium you will find there is a large community of people to help you out as well as excellent support from the OddsMonkey staff. Many people make enough money to give up their jobs and go full time on matched betting but I wouldn’t get to excited as making that level of money can be quite hard. Making a lot of money though is fairly easy.  A few hundred quid a month is in reach of pretty much everyone.

Now is a great time to get started as the World Cup means there are a lot of free bet offers meaning you can make even more money right now.